Wednesday, 13 July 2011

20 questions my kids ask

Every morning I drive my husband to the train station, and I collect him again in the evening. The journey there and back is about 15 mins. My children enjoy the journey and spend the entire time asking me questions. Here's a selection (bear in mind these questions are constant and from 2 children age 6 and 3).

1) What's this song?
2) Is this one of our favourite songs?
3) How old were you in 1984?
4) How old were you in 1996?
5) What about in 1993?
6) What's 100 + 62?
7) What's 1000 + 15?
8) Can I put my Moshi Monster cards in my Match Attax book?
9) How old were you in 1987?
10) Are you really old?
11) What year was it when you were 6?
12) What's this song?
13) Is this one of our favourite songs?
14) How old was daddy in 1987?
15) Is daddy the same age as you?
16) Can I tell you my wish? [I love this one]
17) Are shooting stars real?
18) How far away is nana's house?
19) What song is this one?
20) Do we like this song?

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