Monday, 25 July 2011

Diet meal plan: first week of the holidays

The summer holidays are here! I'm so glad to have my kids at home with me. They're both tired and so am I. It will be so lovely to be at home together, chilling out, gardening, baking, being crafty. I might regret the lack of money because I can't freelance as much, but never mind :)

So onto meals for the week. Last week went well. The kids loved the corned beef hash and turkey lasagne (despite initial pulling of faces, and me making the lasagne from turkey bolognaise AND beef enchilada filling by accident!).

This week, with us being on holidays we've got friends coming for lunch (and my husband will be home late on two days). So meals are a hotch-potch of picnicky goods, tinned and frozen delights, and home-cooked originals.

Lunch: Soup or sandwiches
Dinner: Fish and chips

Lunch: Cheesy broccoli pasta
Dinner: Beans on toast

Lunch: Picnic in the garden (friends for lunch)
Dinner: Garlic chicken with homemade potato wedges and salad

Lunch: Chicken nuggets, curly fries, and beans (salad for me!)
Dinner: Toasted sandwich for son, daughter at a party, curry and rice for me and hubs

Lunch: "Proper sausage" (as my son calls them) hot dogs (kids have friends for lunch), sandwiches for the mums
Dinner: Salmon, new potatoes, and veg

Spicy chicken and salad pittas

Daughter at a party. Hope to squeeze a roast dinner in though!

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