Monday, 4 July 2011

Diet meal plan: using homegrown vegetables

Another Monday and I'm thinking about the family's meals for the week. Last week's menu went to plan. I bought local, as intended. However, it was expensive, much more so than doing one big shop at a supermarket. I think shopping at my local butcher may be cheaper for meat, but veg and other items are best bought at a larger store in town.

My dinner at local eatery The Two Brewers was excellent, and after some Twitter persuasion, I made sure I ordered a Cardona and Son pork chop. Highly recommended and well worth a visit for my Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire readers.

This week, I've begun to harvest vegetables from the garden, so meals now will have to incorporate this homegrown produce. It's exciting to grow your own veg but sometimes it can be hard to know how to cook it!

Chicken and pea risotto (peas from the garden, chicken is leftover from the weekend).

Gammon with potato, swede & turnip gratin, & broccoli (potatoes, turnip, and swede harvested on Sunday!)

Salmon, new potatoes, and salad (I was given an enormous iceberg lettuce by an allotment neighbour)

Baked potatoes

Chicken breasts, homemade potato wedges, salad

Two parties, we will eat on the go.

Sandwiches and leftovers and recovery!

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's blog for more Monday meal plans.


  1. Must check to see if my potatoes are ready yet and that's reminded me that i still haven't sown the swede seeds

  2. I think swede can be sown year-round. I weeded my potatoes at the allotment today. I don't want to dig them yet because they're still flowering. The ones I harvested were from home; they sprung up from last year and I didn't want them in.


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