Sunday, 24 July 2011

Our mate Geoff, and his Rolli-Polli

Ahhh, "our mate Geoff". He's a lovely bloke, very clever, an inventor, has numerous patents to his name, and is "going to make us all millionaires". Very Del Boy (except he's not dodgy!).

My Twitter followers might remember I mentioned "our mate Geoff" a few weeks ago, when he came round to "make a video" with my husband (which of course led to much ooohs and virtual winking). His latest invention is a fishing gadget called Rolli Polli. If you want to see the finished video (or if you like fishing), you can see it at

Today we were at the CLA Game Fair as guests of Geoff. We had free tickets, which was great since tickets were £24 each for adults! We've been to similar country shows before (Danson Park, Ashwell, and Bedfordshire) so we knew what to expect: dogs, horses, shooting, falconry displays, etc. But we were not prepared for the sheer scale of the event.

The show covered hundreds of acres of the grounds at Blenheim Palace, mile after mile of exhibitors and food stalls. And I've never seen so many people carrying guns or fishing rods, with their dogs in tow. Or so much tweed! We felt like we'd fallen into a sort of microcosm of society we never see. I must confess, I've secretly coveted a pair of Dubarry Galway boots for several years, so seeing so many women wearing them was a bit torturous (although, as my husband pointed out, if everyone wears them they're not that special). Hmmm. I'm also now coveting a tweed mini skirt...

Wearing Dubarry's AND a tweed mini skirt :(

We found Geoff's stand after about an hour of searching. He was very chipper and doing great trade by the looks of things (he fielded lots of enquiries while we were there). It all looked great and we were really proud of him.

Walking round, the kids found a "colouring tent" (run by the Countryside Foundation for Education) so they spent 30 min there colouring in a Wellington boot for a competition. I scored a free tree from the Woodland Trust (they gave me a wild pear since it's the smallest tree they had) and hubs went to watch men chop wood (he has a fondness for axes). We then found some animal displays, owls, otters, alpacas, and ferrets, and very surprisingly, camels!

Tiny owl

 By lunchtime it was getting really hot, so we decided to leave. We had to walk back through the art and craft section though, and we were highly amused at a wooden deer that was for sale. It would look just right in our living room. What do you think?

Hmmm, the colour's not quite right for me

Now to read my free copy of The Field magazine. (First feature: "Dogging in the purple hills" -- yes, seriously). Out of touch?!

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