Monday, 25 July 2011

Summer hols: day 1

The first day of the school holidays is over; we've been lucky with the weather, fine and dry all day except for a few spots at dinner time.

View over the oat fields behind our allotment

We were up early to take hubs to the station; after breakfast, we headed to the supermarket to do the weekly shop. I'd normally do this online but it's something to do together, passes the time, and gives the kids a reason to be interested in their food. 3yo helped weight the veg & fruit (even though we don't need to), 6yo helped to put heavy(ish) items into the trolley. They both chose a few items to buy: 3yo wanted strawberries, raspberries, and babybels; 6yo wanted bananas with stickers on, hula hoops, and tinned short-cut spaghetti.

After shopping I had to do some freelance work, so the kids watched Scooby Doo and did some colouring. They were very good and didn't fight, which makes a change! I then prepared lunch while they worked on their holiday scrapbooks (my plan is to file one thing from every day of the holiday so they can keep a record of what they've done).

Later, we emptied one of the toy cupboards in the dining room and filled it with our new art things (crayons and pencils, pens, paper, & glue). Some old toys went into a charity bag, the rest upstairs to bedrooms for sorting tomorrow. We found some craft books and chose a few things we'd like to make during the holidays. I need to save tins & drink cans!

Going on a bear hunt

We then headed to our allotment for an hour to water the vegetables and weed a bit. The kids took themselves off on a "bear hunt", which kept them entertained on their own for an hour. Back at home and after ice lollies, I set up an obstacle course in the garden, and the kids burned off excess energy for half an hour jumping and crawling through various toys. They then designed their own obstacle courses to go in their scrapbooks, although they both just drew pictures of dinosaurs for some reason!

Garden obstacle course: not a dinosaur in sight

All in all, an excellent day. We had a short walk with hubs in the evening and found some blackberries; we'll have to go back another day with a box.

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  1. Oh I envy you your allotment! We are off blackberry hunting this weekend, I do love free food!


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