Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Summer hols: day 2

Today started out quite bright and cheerful. We were all up early again to take hubs to the station; on the way back home we stopped at the Co-op and bought some sugar to make flapjacks with (and bubble mixture and microwave popcorn, for a rainy day).

After breakfast, we cleaned the kitchen then baked some flapjacks. We made two batches: my mum's recipe and a Lorraine Pascale recipe someone posted on Twitter. The kids helped weigh the ingredients and stir in the oats (lots of mess). 6yo then helped by zesting a lemon for the Lorraine Pascale flapjacks. He did really well, and I think he enjoyed me letting him to do something different. I've never let him use anything sharp in the kitchen before.

Learning to use a grater :)
While these were all baking we went to the park (just across from our house) and had a quick play before the rain started (boo!).

Rain meant I couldn't put off the toy tidying any longer, so I headed upstairs to the kids' bedrooms with bin bags for a big sort out. The kids "helped" by playing with all the old toys I was trying to get rid of! I gave them a pile of jigsaws to do and that kept them amused for long enough to sort the toy storage out. That's me happy for the holidays now I know everything WAS tidy once during the 6 weeks!

Just before lunch I had a bit more freelance work to do, so I gave the kids a choice of a film, TV, or computer time. They decided to play Lego (contrary, but cooperative play is good). This led to an explosion of Lego on my son's bedroom floor, so the afternoon was taken up with tidying that away. We then chilled with some TV before dinner.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny because we have friends coming for lunch and we were hoping to have a picnic in the garden.

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