Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer hols: day 3

Today has been exhausting, proven when my 3yo daughter fell asleep at 5.30pm and wouldn't wake up for her dinner! We had a busy morning of chores, including a trip to the butcher to buy a few bits. 3yo exclaimed "Oooh, the claw!" as the butcher sliced ham (not sure how she can link that to Toy Story but that's the mind of a child for you).

The children had some friends over to play at lunchtime; much fun was had swapping Moshi Monster cards and chasing each other at the park. And destroying my lovely tidy Lego drawers :( Oh well, except for minor tearfulness while playing Wii, a good time was had by all. And I got to play with a baby and chat to my friend :)

My son had his swimming lesson in the afternoon. Usually I'm lazy and just sit in the cafe with 3yo and drink tea, but today I was brave and took them both swimming beforehand. It was actually easier than I anticipated (and cheap!) so I will do it again for sure.

Tomorrow I have to work so the kids will sadly be stuck inside with the choice of computer, films, or playing together, but I hope to fit a few little treats in somewhere.

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