Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer hols: day 4

I'm feeling a bit guilty today. The first lovely sunny day of the school holidays and I HAD to stay home and finish some freelance work. So my poor children spent the morning watching films and playing with the Thomas train set. Actually, I think they had a good time, they were certainly making a lot of noise.

We walked to the shop just before lunch, my son had 75p he was desperate to spend on a pack of Moshi Monster cards! I bought them both a Kinder egg and they were suitably chuffed with that. They had a play in the garden with some bubble mixture at lunchtime, it's really great to hear them screaming with delight and chasing each other. They're at very playful and cooperative ages.

They both were tired after lunch so they coloured pictures and played with the Lego while I did some more work. Then 3yo had a party to go to; I let my son play Wii Fit while we were home alone. Watching him "free jogging" was hilarious! He enjoyed himself for sure.

Tomorrow they have some friends coming in the afternoon and staying for dinner, so they'll have company at least. Still not finished that work though... :(

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