Friday, 29 July 2011

Summer hols: day 5

We spent this morning at the allotment; it's been warm recently and we've had no rain, so I needed to water. The children explored for an hour and looked for ladybirds. Fortunately, my veg is full of aphids, so we have lots of (fat) ladybirds! We then very excitedly dug up out first lot of potatoes. The children loved delving in the soil when they saw a white potato. We also harvested some kale and a yellow courgette.

We then spent an hour in Letchworth; I'd promised my 3yo she could have some Tangled stickers and the only place we know that sells them is WHSmith. We visited The Green House Friday craft stalls, and bought some veg at the market in town for tonight's dinner.

Home for lunch and a tidy up, then our friends came round for a play and dinner later. I cooked sausages from the local butcher, roast potatoes (allotment-grown), garlicky kale (from the allotment), and ratatouille (made with allotment-grown courgettes). Yum! Although me and my friend stink of garlic now.

A lovely day, and tomorrow promises much sun and warmth, so we're off on a mystery day trip (wooo, where will we go?!)

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