Thursday, 7 July 2011

What does £30 of seeds look like?

A bit like this!

I was very fortunate to be chosen as the first winner of's Twitter competition. My prize was £30 of seeds, which I spent 2 hours choosing from their website.

Now our family allotment that is almost cleared and dug, the thought of filling it with vegetables next year is pretty daunting. I thought I had prepared a lot of seedlings and plants to put in, but I've filled barely a third. This selection of seeds will surely help.

I ordered a range of seeds, from vegetables I like to grow, to unusual varieties, to plants my children will love, to sweet peas for the bees! Here's my order in full.

Peas and beans
Asparagus Pea
Runner Bean Enorma
Climbing French Bean Cosse Violette
Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia
Climbing Bean Borlotto
Mangetout Pea Oregon Sugar Pod
Pea Petite Pois Waverex
I'm particularly looking forward to growing the borlotti beans. I'm eating much healthier foods nowadays, which includes beans. Asparagus Pea I chose for interest. The pods apparently taste like asparagus, so they'll be fun to grow and try.

Carrot Nantes
Carrot Paris Market Atlas
Celeriac Giant Prague
Hamburg Parsley
I can't resist adding carrots to any seed order. Nantes are so easy to grow and versatile, I've overwintered them before. Atlas are a ball variety of carrot, which hopefully will intrigue my children! Hamburg parsley is a root vegetable, a cross between carrot and parsnip; the tops can be used as a herb, similar to parsley. Sounds very versatile!

Spinach Matador
Lettuce All The Year Around
I've never grown spinach but I eat it now so I decided it would be a good vegetable for the allotment. 

Cauliflower Purple Cape
Brussels Sprout Evesham Special
Cabbage Durham Early
Cabbage Mammoth Red Rock
I am STILL a complete failure when it comes to brassicas. These seeds won't produce vegetables until late 2012/early 2013. That gives me plenty of time to plan my anti-pigeon, anti-Cabbage White, anti-slug strategy. Looking forward to purple cauliflowers.

Aubergine Black Beauty
Courgette Black Beauty
Courgette Eight Ball F1 Hybrid
Winter Squash Spaghetti
Winter Squash Acorn Table Queen
I love courgettes! I've chosen a ball variety for my children to get excited about. I'm also going to try some winter squash. Spaghetti squash apparently turns spaghetti-like on cooking, something I am curious to see.

Leek Lyon 2 Prizetaker
Spring Onion White Lisbon
Onion Braunschweigi
I've never grown red onions from seed before, so I'm looking forward to trying these. I usually steal leek seedlings from my mum, so now I have a chance to prove I can grow them from scratch!

Sweetcorn Minipop F1 Hybrid
Sweetcorn Earlibird Supersweet F1 Hybrid
Baby sweetcorn, what's not to like?! Hope they are easier to grow than sweetcorn, which I've only been partly successful with.

For the bees!
Sweet Pea Royal Mix
Sweet Pea Stars And Stripes
Sweet Pea Parfumiere Mix
I love sweet peas, they are the only annual flowers I have ever managed to grow from seed.

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