Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Camping in Wales

Welsh dragon, of course
We've just spent a very relaxing 5 days camping in Wales. We stayed at a site called Dolbryn, which is near the town of Newcastle Emlyn in Carmarthenshire. The site was very good, the toilets and showers were kept very clean, there was a bar open in the evening for our entertainment, and there was a playground for the children to burn off energy. The only downside was the rude and unfriendly seasonal guests, so sadly, we won't be returning.

Playing 'Prickly Pile-up' in the bar
The local town of Newcastle Emlyn has a castle (we didn't go), a park (that the kids enjoyed), and a few food shops, good enough to see us through the week. The town of Cardigan is a fair drive towards the coast, but has many more shops and a market. We spent our first day here. Sadly, the castle here is closed for refurbishment so we couldn't look at it.

On our drive back to the campsite from Cardigan we passed through Cenarth. This village is famous for its waterfalls and coracle museum, so we stopped for a look (at the falls, not the museum). The kids really enjoyed jumping over the stepping stones to cross the river.

Cenarth mill and falls
Day 2 was spent in Tenby on the south coast of Wales. I wasn't keen on going here because it seemed such a long way to drive, but we set off early and arrived by 10am, so not that far at all. It's a lovely town, very pretty, with a walled section which I guess is an old castle (not sure). Anyway, it has lots of shops, a lovely quay area, and loads of sandy beaches, and we spent a full day here walking around and relaxing on the beach.

Buried alive!
Day 3 began rainy, so after much procrastinating and laziness at the tent, we decided to drive to the west coast, to New Quay and Aberporth, just to have a look really. New Quay was really pretty. We parked at the top of a very steep hill so had to walk up and down that a few times! Good for our leg muscles.

Rainy start

New Quay
We had a late lunch at a seafood restaurant called The Hungry Trout. What a fantastic find! A really excellent restaurant and very highly recommended if you're in the area.

Crayfish salad with curried alioli, yum :)
After lunch, and after failing to find a boat trip we could take the children on, we drove to Aberporth. I'm so glad we did. The beach was quiet because it had been so cold, but when we arrived the weather had improved. We explored and found a large area of rockpools. The kids had bought toy boats so we sailed those on a little stream on the beach and I showed them shrimps and crabs in the rockpools.

"We are sailing"
We returned to Aberporth the next day because the weather was so sunny and warm, so the children managed to have a full beach day, complete with sandcastle-building, stone skimming, a bit of rounders, and being buried in the sand.

The Castle, with over-sized "road" that hubs got enthused constructing!

Skimming competition

Aberporth beach

 A great holiday in a lovely area. we will return, just not to the same campsite.

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