Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chocolate krispie cakes

Thanks to Reluctant Housedad, one of our favourite recipes is his After-Easter Bunny Krispie Cakes. We've made these cakes before so no longer have Easter chocolate lying around, but we do have Easter bunny and chick marshmallows! And it's the summer holidays and we're all looking for something fun to do (at 8 am...). The recipe involves no measuring, just lots of hands and mess.

The ingredients
We emptied the chocolate buttons and the Easter marshmallows into a large bowl (my daughter broke the mallows into small pieces). She added a large squeeze of golden syrup too, then I gently melted everything over a pan of hot water for about 15 minutes (I added some warm water to loosen the mixture).

Mmmm, melty
We then added rice krispies to the melted chocolate mix, a handful at a time, until we could fit no more in (I added all the krispies shown in the first photo, that was about a third of a large pack; we like our krispies cakes crunchy!).

I pressed the mixture into a shallow baking tray that I'd lined with greaseproof paper (for ease of removal). The mix goes sticky very quickly, so I used a knife dipped in the hot water from the pan to help with spreading. The tray went in the fridge for an hour or two to make sure everything was properly set. I then lifted the set krispie block from the pan using the paper and cut it into 18 pieces with a sharp knife. To prevent the bars sticking to each other, we wrapped them all in a piece of greaseproof paper "just like in the shop" according to my son.

And enjoy!

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