Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fleetwood half marathon

It's Sunday evening and I'm relaxing on the sofa after my race this morning. The day looked like it was going to be sunny but as it happened, no. Driving rain and blowing a gale. Awesome.

Before the race, freezing my ass off outside race HQ

The race started at 10am and just before then, the weather had begun to cheer up. But the starting whistle seemed to signal the rain, which fell so hard it felt like hail :( I got soaked several times during the race, three times by the rain and many more by the sea. I tasted of sea salt at the finish!

I managed to sustain a great pace of 8:30 min/mile for the first 7 miles. The course was flat so no terrible hills to push myself up. The worse moment came at mile 8 when we turned onto the seafront. We were running into a gale, which felt like I was running uphill. So all my hill training paid off!

Race summary, click to enlarge
The last few miles were tough. My legs were aching, my knees and hips were burning, but I could see the finish so I kept plodding on. I was thinking of my poor family standing in the cold and rain (I got a hot shower at the end but they didn't). My lovely husband met me a mile from the end and ran along with me, being very encouraging and telling me not to talk! He kept up too! And so the finish, and my time. It's still unofficial, but I timed it at 1:51:40. My aim was 2 hours, and Pete who takes running club predicted 1:55, so I was really pleased!

1 mile to go, and still smiling!
Full race data on my Garmin Connect page. Race results will be posted here soon.

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  1. That's totally amazing. I am so impressed! I couldn't walk that far. You have achieved so much this year. I wish I had your determination.


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