Monday, 8 August 2011

Meal planning Monday: 08/08/11

Last week went according to plan, apart from the camping ideas (Thurs-Sat). The spaghetti carbonara was a hit with my kids (surprisingly because it's not to everyone's tastes); I made it with leftover gammon from Monday, which worked out well.

This week is all about detoxing after a long weekend of drinking and eating a lot of barbecued food! Camping is fun but it's bad for you from a diet perspective.

Mini turkey meatballs and tomato & hidden vegetable sauce, with spaghetti

Thin-cut pork steaks, mashed potatoes, and green veg (probably kale and green beans from the allotment)

Cod roe, thick-cut chips, and mushy peas (treat for the family; I HATE cod roe so I'll have grilled salmon)

Chicken and pea risotto

Beef enchiladas and homemade guacamole

Left free, will see what we feel like

Roast beef

Check out Mrs M's blog for more meal plans and ideas.


  1. All sounds scrummy to me - although I'd probably be with you on the salmon versus cod roe issue (for me, roe has to be spread very thinly on toast).

    I'm sure all the hefting tents about and such will have counteracted some of the food and drink consumed... ;-)


  2. Thanks Seren. I think being outside gives me an appetite! I always eat loads when I'm camping. Putting a tent up is hard work though!

    I can barely stand having to touch cod roe, so preparing that for tonight won't be fun! (I slice it then cover in beaten egg and breadcrumbs.)


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