Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Meal planning Tuesday

Oh dear, I'm a bit late with the old meal plan this week!

We've just got home after 5 days of camping in Wales. The meals I'd planned for while we were away didn't really happen. Wednesday we had a very late lunch in a pub, so no dinner (other than crisps). Thursday we had chicken wraps (a planning success). Friday we had delicious rump steak, potatoes, and veg (much better than anything I'd planned). Saturday we had another large and late lunch at a fab fish restaurant (we had cheese toasties for dinner). Sunday I had to use up the contents of the food store before we left (so dinner was a tuna mayo, egg, cheese, ham, sweetcorn, and potato salad!).

This week we're only home for a few days because we're up in Blackpool at the weekend for the Fleetwood half marathon. Eeeek! So I'm only planning meals for 2 days. The Husband took the children shopping this morning while I cracked on with some work, so I'm planning dinners in the style of Ready Steady Cook.

Pork steaks, new potatoes, sweetcorn, and BBQ sauce

Roast chicken, potatoes, and veg

Next week's plan will also be late and aimed at using up what The Husband bought. It's going to include a lot of potatoes since he bought an enormous bag and we've got kilograms of them at the allotment! (He forgot about the allotment.)

Please check out Mrs M's blog for more meal plans.


  1. Mmm, make boulangere potatoes. So delicious!

  2. I had to laugh at the Ready, Steady Cook reference! Sometimes the best meals are invented that way :)

    This is one of my favourite potato recipes:




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