Thursday, 11 August 2011

Summer hols: days 15-18

The 3 days since we returned from our camping trip to Bakewell have been spent very lazily. I've done a lot of laundry, cleaning and repacking camping equipment (we go away again next week), ironing, and housework. Very domesticated!

Hubs unpacked the Wii (yes, we do take it camping) and set it up downstairs for my son. He can now play Wii while I'm in the kitchen, so we're not all spread out around the house. He's been playing MarioCart and Lego Indiana Jones and getting better with practise. He gets frustrated easily if he doesn't win, so this new-found patience is a good sign.

He won, at last!

We've spent a few half days at our allotment, weeding and harvesting our vegetables. The children love running around the fields that are nearby, exploring and picking berries. They're safe because I can see them from the allotment, they know not to wander too far, and they frequently return with tales of rabbits and birds they've seen, how many berries they've picked (they know what they can and can't eat), and what strange noises they've heard (crickets, or the combine harvester).

Harvesting potatoes at the allotment
It's great when I can spend time with my children, but daily life is busy and sometimes they do need to be left alone. My little girl is happy to entertain herself on the computer (playing on the cbeebies website or drawing with TuxPaint), drawing and colouring at the kitchen table, singing to herself, and playing imaginatively with her toys (the Thomas trains have reappeared). Occasionally my son joins her and their games together sounds like a lot of fun (lots of laughter)! She is really starting to develop her reading and writing skills too. She can now part-write her name without assistance and can read a few key words.

The "best track in the world", made by mum :)
The best part of these past few days have been when we made rice krispie bars. The children spotted the bars in the supermarket and wanted to buy them but I suggested we make some instead. We bought some chocolate to melt (now the Easter eggs are all gone!) but we had rice krispies, marshmallows (from Easter!), and golden syrup at home. A lot of mess was made, but we had fun and now have delicious cakes to eat for a treat.

Crunchy, sticky, gooey messy!

Today we're off to my friend's house for lunch and to play (her children are the same ages as my two), then we're visiting the Japanese Koi Company in Henlow to buy fish food and filters (and gaze in awe at all the animals, my son desperately wants a lizard).

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