Thursday, 4 August 2011

Summer hols: days 8-10

How very lazy, to post 3 days of school holiday activities in one go. The truth is, I've been quite unwell since Saturday and I've not felt like blogging, in fact I've had little energy to do much other than lie on the sofa and snooze.

We have managed to do some fun things though. We've spent a lot of time in the garden, the weather has been good so I've let the children have the sprinkler on to jump through, and the paddling pool. They've painted pictures too, and my daughter decorated a jewellery box she won at a party. They've played games, done jigsaws, and played on the computer together. I'm very proud that they play together so well.

The great thing about living opposite a playground is that I can let the children play out without having to go with them to watch them. So, they've had chance to play football and ride their bikes too.

I'm feeling much better now, and as I write this post we're en route to the Peak District for a 3-day camping holiday with family. Watch out for camping posts over the next few days.

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