Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Bosu Ball

I wish this post were about a fabulous party, black tie for the men and ballgowns for the ladies. But no, it's this beast:

My weekly circuit training class contains a mix of exercises: cardio, abs, weights, strength. We've used the Bosu Ball before, for press ups, planks, etc. Recently, it's been for squats. Normal squats, squats with weights, squats on one leg. Can I manage these? Erm, not really. Unless you count a hypnotic 1-min wobble, with frantic air-grabbing as "manage" then no.

But I will get there.


  1. I was introduced to a fit ball at the start of my foray into the world that is Gym. Still haven't managed to do anything without falling off and feeling a little bit sick! ;)

  2. Ah, the fit ball. I used to do ab work on a fit ball when I went to the gym. But, I found the ball most useful when I was in labour with my daughter ;)


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