Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just one hour, running

My runs this week have been notable by their absence. I was completely shattered after the half marathon last weekend; my knees and hips ached all day Monday and I had to go for a walk to loosen them up in the end (sitting for 4 hours in a car didn't help much).

By Tuesday I was ready to stretch my legs at running club. I wasn't planning to run far if we had options! I just wanted to say "hi" to everyone really. We did some speedwork, which totalled 2.5 miles. I felt unfit and sluggish, which I was told was due to me still recovering from the race. I hadn't expected to feel so tired, but I took their advice and rested on Thursday. In fact, professional advice is to rest a day for every mile raced. So, in the next 2 weeks my runs should be easy.

After a bit of a diet blowout on Friday night I really needed to have a run today, if only to burn some excess calories! So I strapped my heart monitor on and told my husband I was "just going to run for an hour". I had no plans about distance at all; I had a vague route in mind, that was all.

I headed along Pendleton Way towards Arlesey, down the High Street, and then cut through West Drive to Fairfield Park. At the entrance to the estate I had run 4 miles. One of my knees was aching, but I had only run for 35 minutes, so I wanted to continue a bit further. I turned onto the Greenway, up the big hill (which I've not run up for months!), and home. Just under 7 miles in 66 minutes (pace around 9:40 min/mile). I was really pleased, and celebrated with a stretch and a bath :)

My focus now is on my local race, the Standalone 10K, which is on October 2nd. That's about 4 weeks away. I hope to achieve a time of around 53 minutes (I ran the course in that time a few weeks ago). My aim though is to help my friend Gill train for the race, so my next SmartCoach plan is all for her.


  1. Thought you'd been a bit quiet on the running front! Not surprised though after Sunday.

  2. Never knew you should rest for a day each mile you run - that's crazy.
    Well done on your run last weekend!

  3. Hi mum2four, I didn't know either. So if you run a marathon you should rest (or do cross-training or easy runs) for 4 weeks. I wouldn't have run this week if I'd have known.


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