Monday, 5 September 2011

Meal planning Monday: 05/09/11

Happy Monday! We're Back To School on Tuesday, I can't wait to get back into a good diet routine. I slipped quite badly these holidays and only my long-distance running has kept the weight off.

Last week was heavily influenced by green beans! I still have lots of courgettes, potatoes, and beans to use up, and now I have salad and tomatoes too, so let's see what I can do. Here's what we'll be eating this week.

Chicken and courgette lasagne.
I'm basing this meal on a recipe for courgette lasagne from the BBC Good Food website. To avoid complaints about there being "no meat", and since I have leftover chicken from Sunday, I'm going to add chopped cooked chicken to the courgette mix. I'm also substituting Parmesan for reduced fat cheddar and ricotta for light mozzarella (because I have those in the fridge!). Hopefully I will remember to blog the results.

Fishcakes, chips, and peas.
Back to school today, so giving the kids something they like for dinner. Sadly, I haven't made the fishcakes myself (although I have in the past!), these are courtesy of T E S C O.

Niku jaga, served with green beans
I was searching the Good Food website for a one-pot pork dish I could cook early and reheat for dinner. (Wednesday is "swimming lesson day" so I need to be organised about dinner.) I found this Japanese-style pork dish, which is cooked with potatoes and carrots. I thought my children might like it. I don't have mirin or saké, and I'm not buying them in especially, so I'm going to substitute mirin for apple juice (for the sweetness) and saké for chicken stock (or white wine if I have any in the house).

Tuna nicoise salad

Beef steak with homemade potato wedges, and salad

Chicken, potato, and bean curry
I hope this recipe goes down well because we might have to eat it again very soon, if we continue to produce green beans at the rate we are!

Roast lamb

Don't forget to check out the other meal plans on Mrs M's blog.


  1. I've made that courgette lasagne before and really enjoyed it (although I must admit, I do like the idea of adding chicken to it as well - my OH tends to prefer a dish if there is some sort of meat constituent).



  2. Hi Seren, it needed a lot of seasoning, chicken doesn't add much flavour. Might have been better with ricotta and Parmesan but I didn't have those in stock.


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