Sunday, 25 September 2011

Meal planning Monday: 26/09/11

This week's meal plan is about trying to lose some weight after a heavy weekend (me), using up freezer contents because it's full to bursting (and I can't be bothered to do a big weekly shop), and, later in the week, upping my carbohydrate intake because I have a 10K race on Sunday. We also have a lot of potatoes to use from the allotment!

Lunch: Homemade carrot and lentil soup
Dinner: Chilli from the freezer with rice and green salad

Lunch: Ratatouille from the freezer
Dinner: Poached salmon, mash, and veg

Lunch: Tuna and salad wrap
Dinner: Pork casserole from the freezer with veg or green salad

Lunch: Homemade curried chicken soup from freezer
Dinner: Fish, chips, and mushy peas

Lunch: Homemade Moroccan chickpea soup
Dinner: Sausages, boulangere potatoes, and homemade onion gravy

Lunch: BLTs
Dinner: Chicken and broccoli cheesy pasta bake

Whatever my husband cooks for me!

Don't forget to check Mrs M's blog for meal plans that are more sensible and well thought out than mine :)

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  1. Moroccan chickpea soup sounds yummy!


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