Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Living the American dream: part 1

The best holiday I've ever had is my American Road Trip, which was organised by my husband for our honeymoon. Anyone who's known me a long time will appreciate how well-planned this holiday was. There was an itinerary and everything.

Before I get too old and forgetful, I wanted to blog what we did, what we saw, and where we went. Here's Part 1: San Francisco.

April 28 to May 1, 2003: San Francisco

We flew from London with Virgin Atlantic (we actually saw Richard Branson in his pilot uniform) and arrived at a very windy San Francisco Airport slightly sideways and almost on the grass (I hadn't much experience of flying so I just thought it was a pretty cool landing).

To stave off jet-lag (the flight departed at lunchtime in London and we arrived at San Francisco in the early afternoon), we headed straight to a Denny's for food. If you've never been to a Denny's you really should do (hold on to your heart though!). We then had a bit of a walk around Fisherman's Wharf to get our bearings.

Pier 39

The Fire Engine tour that I wanted to go on but wasn't allowed *still sulking*
Day 1: don't we look happy?!
We hired a Jeep Cherokee for the holiday, I got to drive it too! We did the 49-mile Scenic Drive, which took us around San Francisco, up the Pacific coast (we had a paddle!), back through Twin Peaks, and through Chinatown. We also drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, through Richmond and Berkeley, and back across the Oakland Bay Bridge.

Palace of Fine Arts
Lombard Street, very cool to drive down
And of course, we had to take a trip to Alcatraz.

View of SF on the ferry to Alcatraz

Got to have a comedy photo...
...or two!
Aww, don't we look happy?! (mk II)

On our last day in San Francisco we took a ride on a cable car from Aquatic Park at Fisherman's Wharf ending at the Powell-Market turntable. Very exhilarating hanging off the side of the car. And much fun was had shopping :)

Part 2 coming soon.... where will we go?!


  1. Looks wonderful. Lombard Street, great to drive down, a bugger to run up I suspect! Makes the underpass look pretty tame!

  2. So many hills in SF Pete, you would love it LOL


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