Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Living the American Dream: part 3

Viva Las Vegas!

May 3-6, 2003: Las Vegas

I couldn't wait to set off on the drive to Las Vegas because the route took us through Death Valley. We were well-prepared for this trip. Advice was to take plenty of supplies in case of breakdown. We just about remembered to fill up with fuel; we had two bottles of water, a Babe Ruth, and some Reese's Peanut Cups. Excellent choices.

Our Vegas hotel was The Luxor and we stayed in the Pyramid (there is a boring square hotel adjoining). Oh, the excitement of the inclinators and the sloping walls!

I was overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of every casino we went into. The restaurants, with their all-you-can-eat buffets. The noise and excitement of the gaming floors (our vice was video poker, and boy did we win big on that!). And the cute little trams that took you between casinos.

Walking up the strip was so much fun, a landmark at every turn. And Strawberry Daiquiris you could buy on street corners! I love Strawberry Daiquiris... The shows at Treasure Island and Bellagio were well worth an evening walk to see. And the shopping centres that were so large you could get lost in them.

Looking good hubs :)
God bless Siegfried and Roy
Oh look, it's me :)
Gondolas :)
I was scared my husband would insist I go on this ride (I am a wuss)
The Excalibur had The Best buffets
One of our funniest experiences was meeting a "sailor" in a shop, who was excited were were from "Eng-er-land" because he'd once lived near London, "in Hull". Excellent geography. We also had a culture difference in Fatburger, when I asked a waitress for napkins (serviettes), not realising Americans call "ladies sanitary products" napkins. I got a bemused look from the waitress (no serviettes), and I only realised my mistake several days later...

Fatburger: the best burgers in town
On our last day we had a walk out to The Hilton, which is off The Strip. We wanted to go for Star Trek: The Experience. It really was an amazing experience, hubs and I nearly wept when we went from being in "the lift" to being on the bridge of The Enterprise. We are very sad sci-fi geeks but I make no apology. Sadly the show is no longer around.

Great casino too :)

Ah, part 4, what will you bring?

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  1. I love Las Vegas and have been 3 times April 2001, Oct 2002 and April 2004 so just missed you!! This brought it all back. Amazing times.


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