Friday, 28 October 2011

Living the American Dream: part 4

May 6-7, 2003: Grand Canyon

The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon was short but stunning. Our route took us over the Hoover Dam, which we obviously stopped to admire (the dam was bypassed in 2010, the bypass was being built when we were there). No photos...

The scenery on the journey was bleak yet beautiful. Miles and miles of red sandy or rocky wastelands dotted with enormous cacti. Kind of weird really. Sadly, no photos; we shot hours and hours of video though...

We arrived at our hotel just after lunch and we were treated to buffalo burgers and chips. Very very tasty. (Here I discovered my napkin/serviette translation error, amusing.) The hotel was stunning, it had a fantastic pool too, which we had to ourselves.

Since we were only at the Grand Canyon for a one night stopover, we headed to the visitor centre in the afternoon. We DID take some photos :)

Slightly scared because a Native American was heading towards us with merchandise... (hurry up timer!)

If you're clever you can stick these last three together and make a lovely panoramic shot. I am not.

In the evening our hotel hosted a Native American evening, with traditional dancing and singing. Fairly entertaining. Based on how busy the restaurant was I think most of the tourist population of the Grand Canyon were in our hotel. We retreated to the peace and quiet of the hotel bar after our dinner and played cribbage at the bar with some locals. It was like Cheers and everything. The locals "helped" me play against hubs, which led to me losing quite badly :)

Part 5 sees me forgetting to take ANY photos. That's how good the next part was.

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