Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Living the American Dream: part 5

May 7-9, 2003: Scottsdale, AZ

The drive from The Grand Canyon to Scottsdale was spectacular. The distance was quite short (compared with our other trips) so we took the scenic route, along the edge of the Canyon, then down a few back roads. We passed through several tiny towns, sometimes just a gas station and a few dusty houses. *Bit scary* And of course, lots more cacti to admire.

Yes, it looked just like this.

We had to drive around Phoenix to reach Scottsdale. Skyscrapers and highways, busy busy. We had considered a visit to Biosphere, which is located south of Phoenix, as science geeks the place appealed to us. I also fancied visiting Old Tucson, the Hollywood Western film set. But in the end we never left Scottsdale.

We stayed at a fancy sports resort and made the most of the facilities by playing tennis, using the gym, and hiring canoes. Rather energetic for a holiday! We also spent a LOT of time lounging by the swimming pool, drinking free cocktails that the bar staff concocted for us (and lots more Strawberry Daiquiris, made with fresh strawberries *drools at the memory*).

Frosty strawberry-ness. Yum :)
We acted like true "Mad dogs and Englishmen" by taking a walk around downtown Scottsdale at midday. The heat was like walking through an oven. Dry baking heat, completely draining. We drank a lot of beer in small bars, as we were fond of doing throughout the holiday. Love the little local cafes and bars in America, you meet such characters. Also saw my first drive-through post office. (So lazy.)

Downtown Scottsdale

On our last evening we drove to a Mexican restaurant located out of town. We ate so much food, tacos and fajitas, and I was serenaded by a group of Mexicans dressed in big hats and with violins. I tried to disappear into the floor but it just didn't work.

And we forgot to take any photos because we spent so much time sunbathing and at other times were too hot to carry anything with us. Hence the blatant use of Google Images.

Part 6 coming soon :) Hope you can wait!

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