Friday, 4 November 2011

Living the American dream: part 6

May 9-10, 2003: Lake Havasu City, AZ

We only had one day at Lake Havasu, so we set off early from Scottsdale. It was a beautiful morning, and we made great time, even managing to fit in a McDonald's breakfast. (McDonald's restaurants in the USA are completely different to those in the UK (much more choice, better cooked food, still full of fat though).

So many McDonald's to choose from. Map not to scale.

At one point on the Highway we drove through a swarm of butterflies, which obviously became all dead and squashed on the windscreen of the Jeep. Was a very very strange sight, bit grim, bit interesting from a science geek point of view.

Lake Havasu is situated on the Colorado River, on the border of Arizona and California, and is popular for watersports and fishing. It is somewhat famous because some rich American dude bought the old London Bridge and moved it to the city.

We had a walk around and checked out the city sights (ie, "English Village with pub"). The whole area felt like an unfinished development, bit odd really.

We hired a jet-ski for a few hours to pass the time and headed along the Colorado River towards Parker Dam. That was so much fun, we saw loads of unusual ducks and geese, and enjoyed peeking at the little boathouses and holiday homes tucked away up little creeks. The "most amusing" part (apparently) was when we fell into the river, although I didn't enjoy it, or being cold and damp for an hour until we got back to the hotel. Minor point though.

The only photo I took, the view from our hotel room
The evening was spent eating houmous with enormous pitta breads because there were no decent restaurants nearby (we were staying at a resort on the opposite bank of the river, away from the City). And I think we watched Friends on TV. And I think it's safe to say we were glad to leave the next day.

Part 7 is coming soon and is the final part. (Please don't be sad!)

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