Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Living the American Dream: part 7

The seventh stop on our American Road Trip is our final one.

May 10-12, 2003: Los Angeles

We set off early from Lake Havasu not wanting to miss too much of the day. Our route took us along Route 66 (Topock to Barstow). We were stopped by the police at the border with California and questioned about our itinerary and fruit and vegetables. That was fun. *safety first*

After another McDonald's breakfast at Barstow (I like them, yum yum), we drove into LA on the I-15. Six lanes wide each carriageway, this road means business. It was busy busy, and we were glad to arrive at our hotel, which was SWANKY! Lovely end to the holiday.

Me and hubs being as we are, we didn't rest, and jumped into the Jeep and headed to Hollywood. We enjoyed the best burger of the holiday (or we could've just been hungry) at Wendy's on Sunset Boulevard (living the high life). Living dangerously, we parked on a very dodgy side street just off  Hollywood Boulevard, then checked out the Walk of Fame, Mann's Chinese Theatre, and the Kodak Theatre.

Beatles on the Walk of Fame
Kodak Theatre (surprisingly)

Mann's Chinese Theatre
Tom Hanks has girl-size hands
If only Ric looked like Sean Connery too ;)

Slight sci-fi geeky explosion of excitement

Only in LA
We also saw one of the Backstreet Boys singing at a show by the Kodak Theatre, but no idea who it was or what the show was for, maybe he just liked singing.

We spent a bit of time driving around looking for the Hollywood sign, and the best place to take a photo. We got very close, and found some very exclusive houses while we were at it. Eventually, I had to jump out of the car to take this photo, and nearly got squashed in the process.

Squint or you'll miss it
Bit of random driving around on the way back, down Firestone Boulevard. I can't even remember why we thought that would be a good idea. Took us through some scary areas of LA. But, we "saw" LA, and that was a good thing.

Day 2 saw us head to Disney's California Adventure. The rumours are true, it is rubbish. We got a bus from our hotel and arrived early, managing to avoid the queues and FastPass our way around the rides. Soarin' Over California was excellent, but I cried all the way around California Screamin'. I think I got whiplash too because instead of the nice gentle start you get for most rollercoasters, this one rockets you up at the beginning. I was not ready and I moaned quite a lot as a result.

We left soon afterwards (not because of me, hubs has issues with spinning rides, it's his own fault) and spent the afternoon baking beside the gorgeous hotel pool. And a very delicious and expensive dinner was the perfect end to our honeymoon.

Here endeth the American Road Trip. Thanks for reading.

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