Monday, 28 November 2011

Meal-planning Monday: 28/11/11

I'm not very prepared this week. I've normally planned and written my meal plan on Sunday, but it's now lunchtime on Monday.

Really don't want to spend too much on food this week. We've had a busy few weekends with guests, so lots of money has been spent on nice foodie bits. I also have 8 pints of milk because no-one has been drinking it lately and I keep forgetting to cancel the orders! The freezer is full of half packs of everything too.

Bacon, egg, chips, and beans

Hubs' request, and I never say no to a polite request. Although I have to admit I'm not feeling the bacon love at the moment, so I might have a salad. EDIT: We had prawn salad and chips! Very tasty :)

Chicken, baked potatoes, and cauliflower cheese

Fish pie

Chilli and rice

Toad in the hole

I've not planned the weekend's meals yet. It was hard enough planning to Friday! Managed to get a pie in, and it's one we've not had for a long time too. Hope the kids like it. Going to make a rice pudding too, to use up the milk. Not made one of those for years!

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's blog for more ideas.

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