Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday run: 12/11/11

Woke up a bit late this morning (7:30!!) so had to sort the kids out before I could go running. I was eager to try out my new running gear; today I tried out my new hi-viz pink jacket :) Probably didn't need it because I was Sweaty at the end. But it's going to be great when the weather gets very cold.

Anyway, I decided to head onto The Greenway for a quick 4 miles. I took the first mile easy to warm up (9:38), stopping to admire seven grouse in a field. I know they were grouse only because they matched the picture on the whisky bottle. I'm definitely not alcoholic though.

Mile 2 was a bit slower, The Greenway was muddy (and uphill), and I stopped for a walk because I had pain in my "lower abdomen". The downside of having *some* medical knowledge is you start to think everything is terrible. So I'm thinking "prolapse" and then after a minute decided I just needed a wee.

During mile 3 I ran past the field where I'd previously seen A Lovely Horse. This reminded me of Father Ted, and I spent the next few minutes humming the song to myself.

Mile 4 was much faster, mainly because I was back on the road and nearly home.

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