Monday, 5 December 2011

Meal planning Monday: 5/12/11

My first meal plan for December! Such a busy time of year; this week we have two evening school play performances to work around, plus a night out for me :)

Leftover chilli with rice, garlic bread, and salad

The carbohydrate police will be onto us with this meal. Anyway, I've added salad because we have tomatoes and cucumber hanging around, and I like salad with chilli. I'm odd, just live with it.

Leftover roast beef, with mash and veg

I'm out tonight so I've planned a sympathy meal. It's Beavers too, but with leftover beef and only mash to prepare, this tea should be quick and easy.

Beans on toast

We're all out tonight for son's school play, so we need something quick and easy to eat.

Bacon, egg, and chips

Son has another school play performance tonight. I'm hoping to be let out to go running so I'm making a nice tea ;)

Leaving free

Hubs has the day off today so we'll probably do something nice in the evening *hopeful face*

We will definitely fit a roast in on Sunday and I fancy cooking a gammon too (it is nearly Christmas), so we might have that on Saturday. Nothing fixed yet though.

No fish this week so I'll try and fit that into our lunches. That will go down well at school! Nothing especially imaginative this week, oh well.

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