Saturday, 31 December 2011


I began 2011 in style: drunk, full of nice food, and a spectacular failure at darts. I also looked like this.

Later in the day, possibly drunk again, I wrote a blogpost with my resolutions for the year.

1) Join the local running club

I did that! I liked running so much I ran 820 miles this year. Including three 10K races (Flitwick in April and Standalone and Stanley Park in October) and two half marathons (Fleetwood in August and Stevenage in November). I'm really proud of what I've achieved. And I'm so grateful because I've met some fantastic people this year who I hope will become good friends. They sure do put up with me and my nagging/bossiness :) If you're looking to start running you can't go wrong with Stotfold Runners.


2) Eat healthily and encourage my children to try new tastes

I did this too! I've learnt so much about healthy eating and nutrition this year. I began the year eating smaller portions to lose weight, but as I progressed with my weight loss I began to cut out certain foods and think about the times when I ate. It's not been easy by a long shot. I spent a lot of February and March eating separately from my family, or eating a different meal. I was slightly depressed about it if I'm honest. Anyway, I got through it. With help and advice from friends on Twitter, I learnt about good fats and when to eat protein and carbohydrates, and tried some recommended new foods (eg, mussels, mackerel, and scallops, which are all excellent sources of protein and good fats, and are low calorie too).

My children have benefited too; they tried Thai food, different seafood (including scallops, which they love), and now put in requests for their tea, such as risotto. I'm proud of them both this year.

I've embraced Meal-Planning Monday with a passion, and this is helping me to keep track of what we eat, making sure we include some fish at least once a week, and trying not to eat chips too many times! I started meal planning after I was constantly asked by friends and on Twitter what I ate to lose weight. During the summer it became a source of entertainment as I struggled to plan around the kilos of green beans we produced at the allotment.

3) Spend more time in the garden

We have certainly spent a lot of time outside this year. But sadly the garden has been neglected in favour of our allotment. We became tenants in January but didn't really get going until April. We got a lot of food out of it this year, potatoes, courgettes, green beans... Lots of tomatoes, baby corn, and kale. I can't wait to get started in 2012. I have a separate blog for my allotment, it's a bit sparse of content...


4) Be more thoughtful when making decisions that affect others

I'd like to think I achieved this. I've definitely asked my husband before agreeing to do things or go places. A few times... at least. Three out of four isn't too bad.

2011 has been awesome. I think 2012 could be much better. I sure hope so :) Happy New Year xx

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