Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 resolutions

It feels so strange to be writing this blog post. I remember so clearly last year, writing my aims for the year! So, my resolutions. Nothing too hard because I just won't keep it up.

1) Maintain my healthy lifestyle
A given really. I can't go backwards. But writing it down helps keep me focussed.

2) Run 1000 miles
This challenge was set by Pete at running club. I accept the challenge!

3) Write a letter to my aunt and grandma once a month
I hope I won't forget to do this. It's not hard to write a letter, and I know how much they are appreciated.

4) Post a photo a day on my blog or Picasa
I wanted to do this last year but didn't think about it until mid January!

5) Everything in moderation!
Drinking, eating, tweeting. It's an all-inclusive resolution.


  1. Good luck with PAD project - it's a fab idea if you can keep it up! I tried it last year and failed *sobs* It'd probably be easier now when I have got iPhone but I won't try it again lol!

  2. Thanks Kati. I suddenly remembered I said I'd do PAD so I have just sorted out my picasaweb albums and linked to my blog :) I'm quite pleased I managed it!


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