Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January run review

January is now over and done with, and what a long, cold, dark month it was. No snowy or icy runs thankfully (I'm still to try out the ice grips my sister bought me for Christmas), but plenty of wet and cold ones.

My aim this year is to run 1000 miles in total, so I've been keeping track of all my miles run on my Garmin Connect page. To achieve 1000 miles I need to run about 83 miles a month.

Week 1: 21 miles
Week 2: 19 miles
Week 3: 20 miles
Week 4: 14 miles (missed my long run due to illness)
Week 5: 14 miles (2 days in this 'week')

Total: 88 miles

Slightly above where I need to be, which I'm really pleased about. Some good long runs in February and no injuries or illnesses will bring me above average next month. Might get a 2-week holiday in the summer if I'm lucky ;)

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