Monday, 20 February 2012

Meal planning Monday: 20/2/12

This week we're all back to normal. The kids are back at school and I'm back on the diet. I need to watch my food and drink intake for a couple of weeks because the past few days have been seen too much snacking and drinking of alcohol because my in-laws came to stay. I dread to think what the scales will say tomorrow. So I'm planning meals for me and meals for the family.

Exercise: Circuit training (AM)
My lunch: Prawn salad sandwich
Family tea: Sausages, eggs, baked beans and chips
My tea: Lentil soup

Greasy dinner for the family to use up leftover breakfast items from the weekend. I'm at a new circuit training class this morning so will want a good lunch but not so much for my tea.

Exercise: Running (PM) 
My lunch: Beans on toast
Family tea: Lamb stew with cauliflower cheese

We had an enormous leg of lamb last Sunday and have lots of meat left over. I'm going to boil the bone in a stock with potatoes and carrots (variation on this recipe), and serve with cauliflower cheese because my kids love that. If we have room for pancakes, we'll have a few of those too! I'll eat a smaller portion of this meal because I'm running tonight.

Exercise: Circuit training (PM)
My lunch: Spicy prawn couscous salad
Family tea: Baked potatoes with corned beef, cheese, and baked beans
My tea: Lentil soup

I can't eat anything too heavy before circuit training so I'll have a good lunch to make up for it.

Exercise: Running (PM) 
My lunch: Tuna pasta salad
Family tea: Chicken wraps

We have these with vegetables (eg, carrots and broccoli), a bit like fajitas but without the spice because the kids don't like that. A bit of chilli sauce for me and hubs (and extra peppers and onions) doesn't go amiss though :) I'm running tonight so will have one wrap when I get back.

My lunch: Vegetable soup
Family tea: Scampi and chips with peas or salad

I'm out tonight so I'll need something quick but filling to keep me going. I'm not planning on drinking too much though...

Exercise: Running (AM) 
Family tea:  Pasta bolognaise and garlic bread

Not had bolognaise for a long time, a family favourite.

Exercise: Running (AM) 
Family lunch:  Roast pork with all the trimmings
Family tea: Sandwiches

My mother-in-law "found" a half price loin of pork last weekend and put it in my freezer. She is a bargain-hunting genius.

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's blog for more meal plans. Have a good foodie week!

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