Saturday, 3 March 2012

Observations on a long run

I ran 11 miles today. The route was along the perimeter of Stanley Park in Blackpool, which is 2 miles total. So I had to run around the park 5 times. It gave me lots of time to think about random stuff.

For most of mile 1 I was thinking about not being sick, because I was rather hungover. I was also thinking that I was never going to drink again, which made me laugh because I always say that when I'm badly hungover.

During mile 2 I saw a rather overweight lady dressed as if she were preparing for an arctic trip. I saw her again at mile 4, at which point she'd removed her gloves, and at mile 6, when she finally smiled at me.

During mile 3 I saw a man wearing the same Nike running tights as me (I accidentally bought men's tights from Sweatshop online). I thought he looked very girly in them :-)

During mile 4 I was inappropriately spoken to by some young men playing golf. I laughed at them.

During mile 5 I saw a dog out for a walk. It was wearing a fur coat and had wheels for back legs.

During mile 6 I wondered who lived in the massive houses on North Park Drive and whether they had cleaners.

During mile 7 I was overcome by a bad case of wind and had to keep checking behind to make sure I wasn't making anyone gag. I made myself gag they were that bad.

During mile 8 I realised that saying hello to everyone I met was best done by a forceful HELLO rather than a panting breathy HI. This new tactic paid off and I received some nice hellos back :-)

During mile 9 I saw a blackbird that was stood completely still. I wondered if it were stuffed and someone had left it there for a joke. I also saw ducks, seagulls, and magpies. They were all moving.

During mile 10 I wondered exactly who thinks it's a good idea to bag their dog's poo then fling it into a tree. They look like inappropriate Christmas tree decorations.

During mile 11 I realised I was no longer hungover but my legs hurt a lot. I also was thinking about breakfast. I arrived back at my in-laws' to a cup of tea and a cooked breakfast. I like them a lot :-)

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