Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Foodie ideas

I love to cook and try new recipes. The dozens of Meal Planning Monday posts (which have fallen by the wayside somewhat recently) are a testament to my sad planning nature. But when I was writing those I always tried to include something new once a week (most evident during the Great Green Bean Glut of 2011).

I've been compiling another list, one of recipes or foods I want my family to try this year.

Pizza Bianco
Simply, pizza without tomato sauce as a base. My son just does not like pizza, at all. He gags at tomatoes bless him, so I guess they are his "thing". But he does like pizza-style garlic bread, so perhaps he might like this. I'm thinking of a base with garlic butter, broccoli, and cheese on top, all things he loves :) (Or maybe a green bean pizza later in the year!)

Having established last year that my children will eat mildly spicy food (eg, Thai curry or Moroccan spiced lamb) I'm fairly confident that they will at least try this. As my son loses more and more of his teeth, he's been finding eating quite tricky. I made him a vegetable and lentil soup a few weeks ago and he loved it, so he has no excuses! I just need to convince my husband, who has promised to leave me if I ever make him eat lentils.

The best pie
Oh we do love a pie in our house. I saw this recipe months ago on Mrs M's blog and I'm desperate to try it. I can't see my children eating much of it though so it might have to be saved for a day when I'm entertaining.

I blogged a few weeks ago about quinoa. I quite like it, and I think I could get the family to eat it too, if I prepare it in a way they'll like. I really fancy this recipe for spicy laksa, which might work for the family if I used korma paste. I also fancy making something based on this stew recipe, but without so much spice or fruit, since no-one but me willingly eats fruit in dinners. My children have already decided they like couscous and risotto, so I should have no problems persuading them to eat quinoa!

I get annoyed at my children sometimes for their inability to eat food that is all mixed together. For example, spaghetti bolognaise must be plain pasta, sauce next to it, and a bit of cheese on the side. It bugs me so much! And the moaning when I produce a casserole. Anyway, they both now eat risotto and pasta bake (as long as there are no tomatoes in the sauce...), so I think paella could be a great option for a family dinner. Especially because I can create my own version based on the vegetables and meat or fish they like.

I try to include fish in our family dinners at least twice a week. My son loves what he calls "fishcake", which is actually cod roe from a tin (it sounds disgusting and I won't eat it!). My daughter is not so keen, but she does like tuna, salmon, and white fish. She also likes my homemade meatballs, burgers, and kofta kebabs, so I think homemade fishcakes could be a good way to get everyone eating fish in a different way.

Cinnamon bread
I've had this recipe saved in my Twitter favourites for a few months now. It looks delicious and perfect as a treat for my family, who love their cakes. We've got into baking bread recently, using ready-to-bake packs from the shop (just add water!). The kids love kneading the dough and watching it rise. I suspect this might be a lot of fun for us all to make together one wet weekend or on a day in the holidays when we're a bit bored.

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  1. I tried that pie recipe a few months ago and it was very nice! You won't regret trying it :)


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