Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Some sort of running post

I've not blogged in ages, and I've not blogged about running since my slightly mental post about stuff I saw on a long run in Blackpool back in March. So anyway, updates...

1000 miles

I kind of forgot (how could I forget?!), but I set myself a goal back in January to run 1000 miles in 2012. I've been logging all my runs on Fetcheveryone.com, which is a running forum. It's a great resource for analysing your run stats (sadly I love analysing run stats). So, anyway, I'm currently a third through the year, so I should have run *does maths* 333 and a bit miles (is that right?). Stats coming up:

January     88 miles
February     95 miles
March      83 miles
April     88 miles

Which is 358 miles to the end of April. So I'm on target!


I've run 4 races so far this year.

NHRR First Saturday 5K (January)     25:00
NHRR First Saturday 5K (February)     23:32 (PB)
Baldock Beast half marathon (March)     1:53:40
Flitwick 10K (April)     48:16 (PB)

Really pleased to have finally got a time for a 5K, and that PB was set on a very frosty Saturday morning when it was minus 8! Flitwick was HARD, as was Baldock, two races that seemed like they were uphill all the way round.

Races coming up include the Greenway Challenge this weekend (half marathon), Marston Forest 5K in June, possibly the Hitchin Hard Half marathon in July (if I get husband's permission!), possibly another Baldock Beast half in September, Standalone 10K in October, and der der der derrrrr, Preston Guild Marathon on October 28th! Eeek, a marathon!

Club stuff

Very exciting times at Stotfold Runners at the moment too. A beginners group starts next week, with intermediates after. Lots of new people hopefully coming, so I'll be helping out with beginners run/walks. Really great to be able to give something back to the club after they got me where I am today. I was remembering my first ever run tonight, and how I gradually kept adding distance until I could run 10K. What a feeling!

Right, that's enough wittering. Feel free to leave a comment if you like, or comment on FB or Twitter. Thanks for reading :)


  1. Well done for keeping up with your target! I'm still not sure if I should sign up for a half marathon that will take place in my hometown in September. I've just started training two weeks ago and it's going well but half marathon seems like a crazy idea! How long did you train for until you ran your first half marathon?

    1. Hi Kati, definitely sign up! Having something to focus on will really help. I trained for my first half marathon for about 3 months, I started in May and the half was at the end of August. Take it easy and build up the distance slowly and gradually. I use SmartCoach plans from Runners World when I'm training, they're really helpful. (http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/runners-world-smartcoach/3057.html)

    2. Thanks for the encouragement, I'm seriously going to look into that now! :D


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