Sunday, 20 May 2012

Things I Hate While I'm Running

I like making lists. Although they're usually very dull and revolve around planning stuff (shopping, present ideas, chores). My "Things I Hate While I'm Running" list is an exception (although it could still be very dull).

1) Dogs

I really don't like dogs. I'm frightened of them after being jumped on by several when I was little, and then I was bitten a few years ago by a Jack Russell (which according to its owner "doesn't bite, only chews"). Yeah, tell that to my bleeding hand.

Dogs aren't too bad when I'm running if they're on a lead and the owner is paying attention. I can handle a bit of woofing or restricted-by-a-lead jumping up. But I can't stand crazy dogs that run around my feet and try to trip me up, or those that jump up at me because they're "very friendly, sorry" and rip my running gear.

But the worse part about dogs is running past one that's taking or just taken a dump in the grass and all you can smell for a minute after passing it is steaming dog crap. *gag*

2) People who smoke

You know when you're trying to breathe?

There is nothing more disgusting than running (or walking) past someone just as they exhale a big cloud of toxic smoke in your face. I expect some smokers might even do it on purpose, as a joke or something. I suppose they need something to laugh about.

Oh I know, I'll probably die before all you smokers from being run over while running, yeah, irony.

3) Organised walking groups 

I like walking and admire anyone who gets off their arse and does something outdoorsy. But I'm not very keen on enthusiastic old women with sticks who walk four abreast and TALK VERY LOUDLY. And tut at runners and cyclists as they squeeze past them on the grass verge or in the mud.

4) Inattentive people

This is a broad-ranging group and includes people daydreaming while walking (I include myself in this group), children, people on their phone (also me), and people stopping for a chat at inappropriate places (see number 3 also).

So that's the list, at present. I saw all of them on my run today. My legs were giving up yet, at 12 miles, I had to sprint past two groups of 10 walkers (one lot were Cubs, who fancied trying to race me) before I got stuck behind them at a kissing gate.

The run was good, I'd planned 10 miles but failed to run 5 miles on Saturday, mainly due to me drinking too much during the day and then eating late. (I don't have my reputation for nothing you know, it's carefully nurtured.) 15 miles run (I forgot to start my watch and I never start it near where I live because there are some weird folk out there), no stopping for a walk (except to take a photo), and no massive pain. OK, some massive pain. Left knee was sore from the off, right hip ached after a few miles, then my left groin, and then both my hips! I felt like I was running sideways at one point and had to keep looking down at my legs to check.

Cold bath when I got home has helped calm my legs down, although my feet and toes were hurting so much for about an hour after I got home, not sure what I should do about that. I think my toes are beyond saving though.

Current training plan is to get myself up to 18 miles by July 15th, which is the date of the Fairlands Valley Challenge. I'm not entered, and I don't plan to enter! I just wanted to have something to work towards. And if stuff works out then I might enter. (I won't, but I might.)  I want to get to the point at which 13 miles is a comfortable distance to run. Currently I feel 10 miles is comfortable. Just. A long way to go yet before the marathon in October, but I think slowly building up at the weekend like this is the best way. I hope. And lots of hill training and intervals :)

Taken on my run, near Willian


  1. Sounds like a great run, well done.

    1. Thanks Pete, it was a good run :)

  2. Lots in commmon here, especially the dogs, the smokers and the people who want the whole path. I'd also add sniggering teens (although they're a tiny minority and most we meet are charmingly polite and helpful as regards not blocking the way). I always go out with the aim of trying to give people a better impression of runners than they had before they met me, but it's not always very easy.

    Our plans regarding FV are very similar - we've switched to offroad training for our long runs and are entering the 18-miler. Very similar experience also with the half marathon - I reckon I can run about 11 to 11.5 miles before experiencing serious discomfort now, and I'd like to be able to extend that to the full 13.1 miles.

    We could end up having to run/walk Fairlands Valley (especially given the challenges of navigating) but we plan to have a go. It's a fun day out, and last year I got a banana and a pink hat :D

    We might be thinking about marathons in spring or autumn next year, see how things go. It seems impossible atm but then I never used to think I could run a half.

    Best of luck with your training - Lisa

    1. Oh yes, teens. I was once taunted with "Run Bitch!" by a gang of girls. I always tell myself they're jealous of my athleticism :)

  3. I'm now trying to think of a list of 'Things I hate while I'm walking'. I don't think I could ever join an organised walking group, there is one in our area. Although I am getting old and maybe it's the thing to do when you're older.

    1. Mum, these women were Old and had sticks. You're not Old and you don't have sticks. And you don't talk loudly or block paths. So you're OK :)

  4. Nice blog Sarah. Don't forget cars that pull out of junctions without waiting for you whilst you are running on the road, even though you have the right of way!
    How was Kingswood Avenue without Pete in his church jacket cheering you on?

    1. Yes, cars that pull out! Or that don't indicate. I managed Kinsgwood Ave much better this time. Possibly because I was tackling it a few miles sooner! I still could hear Pete shouting encouragement in my head. I hate it when that happens :)

  5. I can relate to your list very well, especially number 3!! So irritating! Hopefully your next run will be more pleasent :)


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