Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Weekend

It's Sunday evening and I'm finally sitting down to relax and think about next week's activities (and write my Meal Planning Monday blog).

Today has been really great. It's Father's Day, so I wanted to treat my husband. We had a very lazy morning, and then after a late breakfast we got the bikes out and set off for a ride around our village to look at the Scarecrow Festival, which is organised by our local church. There were more than 30 scarecrows dotted around the village. My son rode on his new bike and did really well, 2 hours cycling when you're 7 years old is a long time. My daughter has now progressed to the "bike-on-a-pipe" pulled by my husband. After the ride she had a go riding on her own around the park by our house. She did manage a short time without stabilisers on my son's old bike, but finally decided she preferred to be on her own bike. That's still progress, before today she wouldn't even pedal her bike, and now she can.

While at Church after seeing the scarecrows (we had to vote for our favourite, and of course have some tea and cake!) we got talking to a lady about their Jigsaw Festival that they have in November. It sounds very strange to me, but basically throughout the year people make up jigsaws onto a board and then in November they are displayed in Church for people to look at and then buy if they would like. So we have ended up with two jigsaws to complete! My husband has spent the afternoon (while I was cooking dinner) starting the first.

On Saturday I spent a couple of hours at our allotment, I sowed some sweetcorn, squash, and beans. The allotment is still not where I want it to be, we've had so much rain and the ground is still so damp, seeds are rotting or getting eaten. Anyway, I was quite pleased to see my strawberries were almost ripe, so I'll be picking those in the week. At home I started on the garden, we took down the children's old playhouse and got rid of a lot of old toys and garden junk (therapy!). I put bark chips down in the front garden and we have a bench there now so we can sit and watch the children at the park in a bit of comfort. The back garden got a bit of a tidy up too and I'm quite pleased with it now.

Friday evening, I had a 5K race at Marston Forest Centre near Bedford. It's a lovely setting, as a course for a race it is flat and the path is gravelled mainly. A few other members of my club were running, so it was quite a nice evening all in. Some friends came back to our house afterwards to watch the England game, and we had dinner and drinks long into the night! A very good evening.

So now to next week. The car is in for a service tomorrow, which I really hate dealing with but never mind. The boy is at Beavers Monday and Tuesday on various activities. And at the weekend my parents are here for a visit. So that's something to look forward to! It's also Stotfold Festival, so there will be plenty of events on in the week and at the weekend.

I've not even mentioned marathon training...

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