Thursday, 19 July 2012

How low in fat is "low fat"?

Sorry, this is not an intelligent post about hidden fat in so-called "healthy" food (although I watched a TV programme about that recently). This is me, wondering aloud to myself exactly what I can eat now.

My doctor told me today to avoid "fatty foods" (and alcohol *sob*) because my gallbladder is inflamed again. Darn it. My summer of camping trips full of alcohol and barbecued sausages and burgers looks to be IN TATTERS!! (I'm full of woe, just ignore me.)

My idea of fatty foods are those full of saturated fat: pork and lamb, cheese, chocolate, crisps, all the good stuff. But what about polyunsaturated fats? Can I still eat those? Nuts and seeds, oily fish? Can I eat ANY fat (I do love a bit of cheese)? Questions I should've asked my doctor this morning. Gah.

So here I am, hungry and craving that Crunchie in the fridge or a packet of crisps. I guess I'll just have to buy more apples.


  1. Seems to me that your doctor was being a bit vague in saying avoid fatty foods. He/she should have explained it in more detail. Did he/she mean don't have fry ups or did he/she mean read your food labels and only eat food low in fat? Yes you should have asked your doctor, but we only think of these questions after we have left the surgery. Your doctor/any doctor should be aware of this and give more information.

    1. He knows where I work and probably assumed I knew. I asked a lot of questions, just not that one. He did say no chocolate, so that gives me some idea.


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