Monday, 16 July 2012

Meal planning Monday: 16/7/12

A shorter plan this week because weekend meals will be eaten elsewhere.

I was originally planning sausages and mash but my children have both just declared "we had mash yesterday!". I didn't realise it was illegal to have mash twice in 2 days. Anyway, now we are having...

"Pork meatballs" with chinese-style sauce, fried rice, and vegetables

(When I say vegetables, I usually mean tinned sweetcorn and frozen peas...)

Spaghetti bolognaise

I made bolognaise sauce at the weekend and there is loads left. I might let them have garlic bread if I'm feeling kind.

Cheese and beans on toast

I blinking love cheese and beans on toast.

Tuna and egg salad

Bit like tuna nicose but not as posh.

Don't forget to check out the Twitter hashtag #mealplanningmonday and the link up at Mrs M's blog for other meal ideas.


  1. Hee, to the kids objections. One of my brothers hated mash. I think lumpy school mash turned him against it. I love it though.

  2. Cheesy beans on toast is a winner. My husband has beans on toast before football or hockey and often I'll join him instead of cooking something else for myself!


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