Monday, 9 July 2012

Meal planning Monday: 9/7/12

I didn't plan meals last week because we had so much party food left. We just ate cheese and beef all week. Terribly healthy.

This week should be more interesting because we went shopping and bought food.

Pizza and chips

Oh yeah, interesting! My daughter had a friend over for tea and asked for pizza, so we all had it.

Sea bream with tomato couscous

Hubs and I want to try different types of fish since cod is expensive and salmon from Tesco looks well manky these days. The Saucy Fish Co had a deal on sea bream with a tomato dressing this week, so I think I'll cook it with roasted tomatoes and couscous.

Spanish omelette

I'm going to make this, they will all hate it. I'm doing it anyway.

Piri piri chicken with rice and sweetcorn

Sausages and mash

Eating out.

Roast dinner of some description.

Don't forget to check out the Twitter hashtag #mealplanningmonday and the link up at Mrs M's blog for other meal ideas.

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  1. Hehehe Wednesdays' entry made me chuckle.....! :) Seeing as I could happily live on a diet of party food a week of beef and cheese sounds good to me ;)


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