Monday, 10 September 2012

Meal-planning Monday: 10/9/12

Back on the diet and back losing weight, just what I wanted to see! 3 lb lost last week. I was a bit unhappy that I couldn't run or exercise during the week because of a knee injury, so I was determined to make sure I didn't snack too much.

I kept reminding myself of a phrase I saw earlier in the week on Twitter: "Why Am I Eating This?". I think it's a good phrase to keep in your head because it makes you think about what the food is you're eating and the reasons you need it. So if you have your head in the fridge and are contemplating a piece of cheese think about why you need the food, and remember cheese contains fat! Cheese also contains protein so if you've been running it's probably OK to have a small piece! (A glass of milk would be better though.) That phrase stopped me eating crisps and chocolate last week, and from drinking wine. At least midweek anyway!

Now to the meal plan, with a few calorie-cutting tips thrown in.

Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with new potatoes and veg

We should've had this on Sunday but went to an impromptu BBQ instead! A lovely Monday dinner though :)

Egg, chips, and beans

Nice simple tea because we have evening commitments and need to be fed and out. To cut fat I poach the eggs.


White fish with a pea risotto

I've put white fish because it depends what the shop has. I've been buying River Cobbler a lot recently because it's a really meaty white fish and very cheap. It does need flavour adding, a lime and chilli dressing would go nicely with the risotto.

Spaghetti bolognaise

I've made this with lean steak mince and lots of hidden vegetables so my children are getting their 5-a-day! To cut calories further, turkey mince is a good substitute, but make sure you season well because it can be bland otherwise.

Honey pork chipolatas and spicy potato wedges

Potato wedges are easy to make yourself and are healthier than chips. Use a spray oil to reduce fat and bake in the oven.

Saturday and Sunday meals are always decided on the day. Gives scope for takeaway (or a meal in a restaurant, I can dream!).

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's blog for other plans, and Twitter too.


  1. Go you with your 3lbs! Hope your knee is sorted soon and you can get back to training. I am loving running with the hint of autumnal freshness that's in the air.

    1. Thanks! I'm having a sports massage on my legs tonight, hope it soothes my legs a bit! I love running too :-)

  2. Well done on your weight loss. The phrase I like while reaching for the biscuits is 'nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!'

    Loving all the mid-week roasts that are about atm - yum! x

    1. Haha, I love that saying, I shall remember it :-)

      The roast tonight was delicious, probably needed a touch longer in the low oven because it didn't quite fall off the bone as it should have. Still very tasty!

  3. I really like turkey mince as a substitute but as hubby isn't keen we haven't had it in ages :( Sounds like a lovely meal plan :)

    1. I've stopped telling my husband I'm using turkey mince! As long as I remember to add some chilli or herbs to give extra flavour to the sauce he cannot tell :-)

  4. Lovely meals there and none of it sounds as if you are missing out due to dieting.

    1. I tend to cut back on the carb portion, so I eat less potato/chips/spaghetti. I cannot eat less risotto though, it's my absolute favourite (and takes so long to cook I am determined to eat it!)


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