Monday, 17 September 2012

Meal-planning Monday:17/9/12

Happy Monday! I woke up before my alarm today, I'm feeling remarkably chirpy. It won't last.

Last week I lost another 4lb, I've managed to get back running, 20 miles on Sunday followed by a few sessions in the week, so of course I'm losing weight again. Need to find a balance, it's so tricky.

This week we have evening commitments and weekend visitors, all good fun.

Grilled gammon steaks, potato wedges, and salad

As with last week, bake the wedges in the oven and the fat content is reduced from chips.

Cheese toasties for the kids, something for me and hubs...

Today is after-school hectic madness. As long as my children get fed I don't mind what we eat!

Spaghetti bolognaise

Eat less pasta to reduce calorie intake, I weigh the pasta before I cook it so I know I've not cooked an excessive amount.

Scampi/fish fingers and chips, with salad/baked beans

Cottage pie

My husband eats this with white bread. He makes cottage pie sandwiches. (I wouldn't recommend this as a weight loss idea. Just saying!)

Eating out

Roast beef

Don't forget to check out Mrs M's blog for other plans, and Twitter too.


  1. Mmm, can I come over for a fish finger sarnie tomorrow please?

    1. Haha, fish finger sarnie's are so good aren't they?!

      I have changed the menu slightly this week because we had chips on Tuesday. Tonight is daal and rice for the kids and bbbq pork and rice for me and hubs.


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