Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Preston Guild Marathon: 6 weeks to go

I changed my training plan 3 times last week! Ended up doing an interval session on Thursday evening at running club, 6x 400 m at 5K pace. I managed them fine and was very pleased with the results. Add to that a 10K on Sunday with some friends and now I am raring to go with some speedwork again. How did that happen?!

This week I can't do my long run on Sunday because we have guests all weekend and my daughter has a party to go to on Sunday, so Friday morning it is. I'm also doing an "hour of planks" challenge this week that Pete Luxford has set via Facebook. So I shall have abs of steel by Saturday!

Circuits AM
5K at pace



2 miles with beginners group
4-6 miles with intermediates

16 miles


4 or 5 miles

Now is the time to start nagging you all to sponsor me too. I'm raising funds for St Mary's Academy in Stotfold. There is no online sponsor page so I'll be running after you all with a sponsor form and pen. I hope you can run faster than me if you don't want to sponsor me...

Also, I'll be running a Marathon Sweepstake, if you can guess my race time you will win a prize, either a bottle of something nice or a box of something sweet, depending on age and preference. If you want to take part I'll be at St Mary's Academy Autumn Fayre on Saturday October 6th from 2 pm. 

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