Friday, 28 September 2012

The History of Hurty Knee (and 4 weeks to go)

Marathon race day looms (4 weeks!), and sadly so does the realisation that I have more than just "hurty knee".

The History of Hurty Knee is quite dull really. It started in early September during one Sunday long run, I was supposed to run 18 miles but cut short at 13 when my knee became painful. That was the sensible option.

Icing and rest that week saw me feeling better, so I attempted my first 20 mile run, which I had decided was to be 3x 10Ks and then "a bit", to make it easier to persuade friends to join me. That was all going well until 10 miles in, when I decided I needed a walk because of my sore knee again. I only managed another 4 miles running before calling it a day and walking the last 6 miles. But, I had covered 20, so psychologically I was happy.

Lots of ice and rest for about 10 days (OK, not strict rest, just no midweek running or circuit classes), including a sports leg massage, then I headed back to run club for some short runs, before another 18 mile attempt last Sunday. Again, 10 miles in, I get knee pain. I stretch my IT band, calves, and hamstring. I run again. I walk a bit, I stretch more. I get quite cross and decide I'm never going to finish the marathon. But, I manage to cover 18 miles.

So this week, I decided to properly enforce my rest. NO running AT ALL, no classes, nothing. Until last night (Thursday), when I walked up to run club to collect my new club top and ended up being asked so nicely if I could take the intermediate group on a 5 mile run. Since I was "feeling OK actually" I agreed!

This morning I had no pain, but my leg was clicking! Weird. During the morning my ankle and hip started to ache, not acute pain, just feeling weak. So I decided, that's it. I need to see a physio.

Thanks to my friend Becca I've got an appointment next Wednesday. And some reassurance that I might be OK in a few weeks.

Just need to get past Standalone 10K next Sunday and then I can rest properly. Until marathon day anyway!

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