Monday, 22 October 2012

Self-doubt (and one week to go)

This time next week I will have run my first marathon. And quite probably my last marathon. Even if I have to walk or hop, I shall complete the course.

My knee hasn't been miraculously cured, despite 4 weeks of physio and lots of rest (no running--I missed Standalone 10K it was that serious). I was diagnosed with "runner's knee"; my kneecap doesn't move as it should and my body has compensated by causing instability elsewhere. According to my physio, I've only been using my hamstrings to run with. I didn't know that was possible.

I've now started Pilates to strengthen my core, bring some feeling into my gluts and hip muscles (bum clenches anyone?), and learn to stabilise my body. I also swim once a week to get some cardio exercise in and work further on my gluts. Add to that my physio exercises and I'm not really missing the running.

Except I can't ignore the fact I have a marathon to run. It's this Sunday. I've raised almost £200 for my kids' school through sponsorship and a sweepstake. So I can't cancel the race like I did Standalone.

I'm not nervous. I've run 18 miles before. I've run/walked 20 miles. I know I can do the distance. It's the time I'm unsure of. And how much pain I'll be in at the end. I'm worried about when the pain will start too. Previously it was kicking in at 10 miles; last week I did a test run and it started about 1 mile in.

Keep your eye on Twitter. I'll be autotweeting every mile via MyWhereAbouts, with the hashtag #prestonguildmara

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