Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Running target

At the beginning of 2012 I was set a target by a friend to run 1000 miles in the year. This total meant I would need to run just over 80 miles a month, and about 20 miles a week. I decided the target was very achievable, since I would be training for a marathon during the year.

I've been logging all my training on January to April saw me achieve my monthly targets, helped along the way by a couple of races that I had to train for. May was the first month in which I ran more than 100 miles, but I had a "rest" in June and only managed 65!

With marathon training underway, I attained 100+ miles for the next 3 months. But then of course, October came, and I stopped running completely until just before Preston Marathon. My monthly total was 40, two-thirds of that was my race!

There are 7 weeks to go until the end of 2012 (not that I'm counting). My current total is 930 miles, so I have to crack 10 miles a week between now and December 31. That's half the weekly total I originally had to meet, so at the rate I was running earlier in the year, I would easily achieve the target of 1000 miles. However, I'm not running as many times a week now, or as far as I used to.

Will I do it? Will my dodgy knees hold out? I'm not as confident as I was in January, that's for sure.

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