Thursday, 15 November 2012

Splurging and getting away with it

In the months I was training for my marathon I gained about a stone in weight (that's just over 6 kg for those of you who work that way). I remember weighing myself and being completely horrified. Surely I shouldn't GAIN weight if I'm running so far?

Truth is, I was constantly hungry, my body was obviously saying to me "What are you doing woman? Stop running so far, I can't keep up!". I think I was also saying to myself that I could eat all the chocolate and crisps in the house because it was justified.

A bit of refocusing in September and I managed to lose half the weight I'd gained, and creep back under my "Don't Go Over This Weight" level that I'd set myself last year. Then I stopped running for a few weeks because of my knee injury, so I became even stricter with myself about my diet. Although I refused to weigh myself because I decided there was no point. Plus, I could still fit into my jeans!

By 7 pm on the evening after I'd run the marathon, I had only eaten 1 bowl of porridge, 3 mini flapjacks, 2 cereal bars, and about five carbohydrate gels, plus several litres of water and a pint of cider. I was probably 2000 calories in deficit what my body needed! For the next 4 hours I proceeded to drink 2 bottles of prosecco and eat ALL the Chinese food the takeaway man could provide. This eating all the food and drinking all the wine has basically continued unabated until this week.

I didn't dare weigh myself until today. I thought over the past 2 weeks I must have gained that half stone back and be over my "Don't Go Over This Weight" level. But I had somehow lost 2 lb. It seems running so far takes a lot out of you (who'd have thought that?!), not just mentally and physically, but nutritionally. I'm surprised the effects are so long-lasting. I've not been exercising regularly enough to burn excess calories, so it's not that.

I've decided 2 weeks of splurging is probably my limit, so I'm back being sensible with my diet. It's quite hard though since I'm so used to eating 4 small meals while my kids are at school!

I'm back running too *happy face*


  1. sensible with my diet equals massive curry it seems! Ha ha ive put half a stone on since Preston! Back on the diet too . . . Booo

    1. That was justified dinner! I'd just run 7.5 miles.

  2. Fabulous post-marathon meal - looking forward to reading a blog post about the event too! xx

    1. You can! It's here
      Thanks for commenting. It was a very good meal :)


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