Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Janathon: day 16

I've just weighed myself and I'm a bit pissed off. Hoping my Wii Fit board is broken. If it's not then I'm eating too much chocolate. Bloody hell. I like chocolate too.

I didn't swim today as planned because it was cold (wuss). Instead I went to circuit training for an hour, it was really good and I'm starting to feel much more confident again.

After circuits I had a quick run to break in the new trainers. Just 1.25 miles but I couldn't have gone any further, it was so cold my face was starting to hurt!

Distance run: 1.25 miles
Time taken: 13 minutes
Total distance run in Janathon: 49.43 miles
Total time spent on Janathon: 12 hours and 14 minutes

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